The Following page is set up to give you more information about what a soccer scholarship
is. Please read carefully and if you have any more questions just email one of our team.

College coaches around the USA look for top quality keepers each year to help their program challenge for conference and national championships. At Goalkeeper Scholarships we solely focus on developing top class goalkeepers for all levels of the college game, both academically and athletically. Over the years we have placed goalkeepers at Division I, Division II and Division III programs as well as NAIA and NJCAA. We are the first goalkeeper specific consultancy company in the world; developing goalkeepers since 1999, we are confident we find the right goalkeeping solution for your school. 

Goalkeeper Scholarships is a specialist in goalkeeper placement in the USA. We are the FIRST goalkeeper specific consultancy company in the world. Goalkeeper Scholarships helps its clients optimize its athletic and academic profile, maximize their recruitment potential and globalize their goalkeeping ability. Our aim is to promote each of our goalkeepers to college coaches all around the USA. We have had our goalkeepers recruited to Division I, Division II and Division III programs, as well as NAIA and NJCAA. 

What service does Goalkeeper Scholarship offer its clients? 
Goalkeeper Scholarships is the premier college goalkeeper recruiting consultancy, working with players from all over the world, bringing them to Colleges and Universities all across the United States. We offer an in depth consultation service that takes you step by step through the scholarship process.
What is the cost to join Goalkeeper Scholarship? 

Collegiate Soccer USA has a one-time fee of ($1500) (£1000) for the full membership. This fee will provide each client with our service for the duration of their college career.

When is the best time to sign up with Goalkeeper Scholarships?
The sooner the better. The sooner you sign, the sooner we can begin working on your profile and marketing you to coaches throughout the United States.  We prefer to sign players 6-12 months before they plan on attending college in the United States.
Will I be expected to pay any other fees? 
Yes, you will be expected to pay all third party fees which include the SAT, Clearinghouse, and Immigration fees, as well as travel costs i.e. flights back and forth to the U.S.
What kind of scholarship will I receive and what will it cover?
Every scholarship is not the same. Scholarships range from 0% – 100%. Most athletes receive anywhere from 60-90% scholarship. Only the best players receive full scholarships. The amount of scholarship money a player receives depends on both their soccer and academic abilities. Many soccer scholarships can cost between 3,000 and 12,000 dollars per year. This fee would include tuition, books, room and b Full scholarships are very rare!!
How do I get accepted into Goalkeeper Scholarship?
First, you will need to fill out our free online application. Once you have applied, you will be contacted regarding a training video. Once we assess your goalkeeping ability we will decide if you are capable of playing in the United States college system. If we decide that you are capable, we will then take you through the rest of your assessment by evaluating your academic abilities and discussing your budget.
What requirements must I meet in order to play college soccer?
In order to play college soccer you must have the equivalent of a High School Diploma, take the SAT and ACT. You must also have never signed a professional contract or had an agent. You will also need to have played a good level of soccer in high school.